Gemeente De Panne

Oasis EN


Title            'Oasis' 7 seas of the world – shellfish in the sea
Design        Freddy Cappon
Material       iron, wood, stone and copper
Installation  2006
Location      Roundabout Koninklijke Baan – Lindenlaan - Koningsplein

The 'Oasis' statue first came to De Panne during 'Mesa & Arte', an exhibition in 2006 about eating and drinking in art. It was located on the grassy bank in front of the town hall. It was so successful that the local council decided to buy it and locate it on the roundabout at the Koningsplein.

After painting, sculpture was the next, logical step for Freddy. For him, sculpture is an opportunity to express unity and profound emotions. It is a challenge. He is captivated by creating large artworks.

His works comprise a range of materials; concrete, Belgian bluestone, marble, and metal. He prefers to work with various types of metal. The artworks are created with a minimum use of machinery; he wants to feel each of his materials.

His inspiration is drawn from events from the past and present. Objects are things we are not and cannot become, no matter what we may try.
People make things to set the boundaries of their own existence. Objects are boundary lines that are vital to us. They let us see where we end. They dispel our sadness, temporarily...