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Pier Kloeffe EN

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Title               Pier Kloeffe
Design            Louis Van den Eynde (°1881, Anderlecht - †1966, Anderlecht)
Material          Bronze
Installation     1992
Location         Leopold I Esplanade (small Esplanade)

Pier Kloeffe was born on 4 August 1853 and was actually called Petrus Decreton. The name ‘Decreton’ was derived from the agricultural village Creton in the Eurevallai in Normandy (F). The whole family bore the surname Kloeffe because their forefathers had opened an inn by the name of De Kloeffe on the road to Veurne.

Pier Kloeffe used a ‘gulet’ to voyage to Iceland at least nine times. After this heroic period, Pier opted for a more relaxed life and chose a new port-of-call after the First World War; the beach, where he loved to fish off the wall. He would stand stock-still in his archetypal fisherman’s clothing. Now and then, the pull of the sea was overwhelming and he'd take to the water for a few hours, usually in the company of his great friend, painter Louis Van den Eynde.

Pier always sported the white ‘fisherman's beard’ which was typical of the old Iceland seafarers and the fisherman's clothing from Westhoek; the blue seaman’s cap with a black peak, a red line-wading jacket, and thick dark blue trousers.