Gemeente De Panne

The Bather EN


Title               The Bather
Design           Theophiel Mariëns (°1928, Mechelen)
Material          Bronze
Installation     1997
Location         Kerkstraat, corner of Sint-Elisabethlaan

The sculpture 'The Bather', which was donated by Theo Mariëns to De Panne, dates from 1951. It was exhibited in 1952 at Antwerp’s Middelheimpark and piqued the interest of King Baudouin. Theo Van Looiy, member of the Royal Academy for Science, Literature and Fine Arts in Belgium wrote the following about the artist, on the occasion of the exhibition: "Theo Mariëns is a sculptor, someone who cuts or chips away wood or stone until he is left with the perfect form. Theo Mariëns is and remains a master of his composition in general and in detail".