Gemeente De Panne

Bust of Seraphyn Dequidt EN


Title               Bust of Seraphyn Dequidt
Design            Monique Mol
Material          Bronze
Installation     2011
Location         Kerkstraat 53

Seraphyn Dequidt was born in Oeren on 3 January 1858. After his ordination, he became a tutor at the college of Veurne in 1882 and, in 1893, director of St Leo college in Bruges, and pastor of De Panne in 1906. He was friends with Guido Gezelle and Hugo Verriest and also wrote poetry and memoirs based on the town of his birth. In De Panne, pastor Dequidt became popular for his efforts to build a harbour for the local fishermen. At the turn of the century, De Panne had the second-largest fishing fleet, after Ostend, along the entire Belgian coast. The project was almost ready and approved but, as a result of his death on 1 July 1911 in De Panne and the outbreak of the First World War, the harbour was never constructed. After the war, the fishermen worked out of Nieuwpoort and Ostend and the fishing industry in De Panne disintegrated.

In 2011, 100 years after his death, the Sint-Pieterskerk in De Panne dedicated an exhibition to Seraphyn Dequidt and, on 18 June 2011, a bust of the man was unveiled in the garden, sculpted by artist Monique Mol and donated by the ‘Koninklijk Feestcomiteit Panne Centrum’ to mark their 60th anniversary.