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Christophorus EN


Title               Christophorus
Design           Gerhard Lentink (°1956, Deventer (NL))
Material          Spruce
Installation     2003
Location         Dynastielaan

The Christophorus was installed here on the occasion of the coastal (art) project 2003 Beaufort (Beaufort01), the first triennial for contemporary art on the coast. The wading young man, and his frontal kouros-resembling appearance, is five times life-size. The torso of this man, however, is transformed into a  seat. The image thus becomes a compact reflection of the Christophorus figure, the legendary giant who carried pilgrims across a wide, dangerous river. The choice of the Christophorus figure was informed by the complementarity in character with the maritime coastline. The coast, in its capacity as a changing transitional area between land and water, between fixed and liquid, the unpredictable boundary between two opposites, and the Christophorus as the huge boundary crosser, as the chaperone of a rite of passage, the ritual irrevocable transition from one domain to another.