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Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris) EN


Title               Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris)
Design            Stief DeSmet (°1973)
Material          Bronze
Installation     2018
Location         Garzebekeveld Nature Reserve, Markey ponds, Vijverstraat

Stief DeSmet’s work is often on the fluid boundary between nature and culture. ‘Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris)’ is a life-sized image of a red deer. The fractured surfaces between the body parts are visible and certain parts have even been removed. DeSmet found inspiration in the garden statues that he saw in Flemish front gardens, a tradition that has been around since the beginning of the industrial revolution. If gardens symbolise man’s ability to control nature, then adding statues of animals takes this one step further. The fragmented character of the statue displays the paradox of the human urge to tame wild elements in nature.