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Monument to commemorate 1000 years of Adinkerke EN

monument 1000 jaar adk a.jpg

Title               Monument to commemorate 1000 years of Adinkerke
Design            Monique Mol (°1939, Gentbrugge)
Material          Belgian Blue Stone, bronze
Installation      1992
Location          Dijk, corner of Garzebekeveldstraat

In the past (and still today) many residents of Adinkerke worked as cross-border workers, in France. After their day job, many smuggled items such as alcohol back to their homes. Others were full-time smugglers. The man on the left with a bicycle represents a cross-border worker; the one with a bag on his back (in which bottles can clearly be seen) is the ‘blauwer’ or smuggler. The bronze sculptures stand on either side of a pillar of Belgian Blue Stone which symbolises the rise of Adinkerke through its 1000 year history. The figure 1000 has been applied on the front and back of the pillar and the letter A (for Adinkerke) can be found on the sides. The two people used as models were municipal employees Robert Van Imschoot and Richard Desmicht.

(Courtesy of Luc Moermans)