Gemeente De Panne

De Drie Wijsneuzen van De Panne EN


Title               De Drie Wijsneuzen van De Panne
Design           Jos De Gruyter (°1965) & Harald Thys (°1966)
Material         Glass fiber reinforced composite
Placement      2018
Location         On the beach near Canadezenplein

With their monolithic posture and stern gazes, 'De Drie Wijsneuzen' (The Three Know-it-alls) tower above De Panne's coastline. They belong to a tradition of heroic-realistic monuments that include the Statue of Liberty in New York and Crist the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. These statues originally served as beacons or landmarks, and have now become tourist attractions. The 'Wijsneuzen' look over each other's heads towards England, France and the interior of Belgium. But their enigmatic knowledge probably lies in the continuation of those three regions and goes much farther.