Gemeente De Panne

For them, no yesterday and no tomorrow EN


Title               For them, no yesterday and no tomorrow
Design           Joz. De Loose (°1925, Bruges - †2011, Bruges)
Material          Steel, stone
Installation     1993
Location         Zeelaan 156

The imagery of Joz. De Loose is always figurative, personal, unique, recognisable. Man is central in all his nakedness, undone of all that is unnecessary, stripped of all worldly belongings. His human figures have a vague head which obliges the viewer to see beauty as an eternal ideal and not as the personification of an individual or race. The dog and the horse add an extra dimension to his work; they add movement but also elegance.

With this sculpted group, De Loose illustrates the universal qualities of humanity, using the basis of life itself. The group, in itself, is important. No single person has been left to chance and all of the figures have a significance and symbolism; the link between man and woman, the relationship between parents and children, the connection with the family pet.

The artwork was purchased by the municipal authority when the Zeelaan was renovated and to mark the 100-year anniversary of De Panne in 1911. The sculptor from Bruges died, after a lingering illness, on 25 June 2011, and was buried on 30 June, just days before the preview of the De Panne sculpture walk ‘Natura Artis Magistra’, in which De Loose was the only artist to have two works.