Gemeente De Panne

20. Belgian military cemetery De Panne

Belgische miliarie begraafplaats De Panne

Kerkstraat 67, De Panne

This last resting-place of the dead is the biggest military cemetery in Belgium.

At the beginning of WWI, the dead of De Panne were still buried in the Adinkerke cemetery. A year after De Panne became an independent municipality in 1911, they had unsuccessfully tried to acquire land for the construction of a private cemetery. It was only in January 1918 that the current cemetery was established, including both military and civilian areas. Today there are 3739 tombstones located in the De Panne military cemetery.

Here 3,366 Belgian casualties of WWI (of which 811 couldn’t be identified), 36 French casualties from WWI (of which three couldn’t be identified) and finally also 342 Belgian casualties from WWII (of which 42 couldn’t be identified) are buried.


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